Fifteen years ago the Vera’s family arrived from Cuba, running away from a regimen that had no room for freedom of speech, Liberty and much less the ability of someone to own a business. Leaving behind everything except for a dream. “The American Dream”. They brought with them hard working ethics that laters turned out to be very valuable to they’re success. The entire family consisting of Justo Vera (father) and he’s two sons (Ismel and Isbel) with they’re wife’s, worked seven days a week in only two acres of land without taking a day off for years. Today the business consist of more than 150 acre aprox. and growing fifty different type of palms, shrubs, topiary’s and hibiscus. Vera’s nursery owes many of they’re successes at paying close attention at little details and listening to they’re customers, never compromising quality and keeping they’re integrity impeccable in the agriculture industry.When it comes to quality and service we listen to what our customer have to say. Vera’s nursery understand how diversified is our industry and how changes are imperative to our success. Our mission is to encourage our team to do they’re very best and satisfied our customer beyond expectations.

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