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It’s a story of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness: fifteen years ago the Vera family, of Vera’s Nursery, arrived from Cuba, running away from a regimen that had no room for freedom of speech, liberty, and much less the ability of someone to own a business. Leaving behind everything except a dream, the “American Dream”, they brought with them hard working ethics that later turned out to be the very key to their success.

Two years after their arrival the family business was born. The family worked seven days a week, often from 7 in the morning until 5 at night, on only two acres of land. They named their business Vera’s Nursery and continued to work hard, never taking a day off, fueled by their passion to grow plants.

“I like the nursery business because you are working with nature,” says Ismel Vera. “You can actually see the change in the plants. You take a seed and grow it into one big palm in a 25 gallon container. Growing plants, that’s my passion.”

Throughout his years of growing, Ismel has learned that what makes him truly successful in the nursery business is this love for what he does. “In this business we learned that when you do what you like to do you see different results in the end. You have to select the business that you are passionate about. Like in my situation, I like the plant business so I’m here in the plant business.”

Today, Vera’s Nursery consists of more than 150 acres growing fifty different types of palmsshrubstopiaries, and hibiscus.

Vera’s Nursery in Miami Florida and Homestead located at 20451 SW 216 ST Miami, FL 33170. You can contact us at 786-504-3039 or send us an email at sales@verasnursery.comRequest a quote, it’s free and easy. Click HERE for more info.

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Hibiscus flowering plants blooming in shades of red, pink, yellow, white and orange, but there are also purple, lavender-blue, white, seminole and bi-color varieties available.

Collection Hibiscus


Palms has appearance that makes it fantastic for contemporary and modern interior designs, but ponytail palm also looks great in more casual settings, such as country.Great for patios.

Collection Palms


Shrubs are an easy-to-grow that blooms almost continuously through the year, producing hydrangea-like heads of red, yellow, orange, or pink flowers. Perfect for and living areas.

Collection Shrubs

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