Hibiscus Fiesta

Hibiscus Fiesta

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Few plants offer the tropical touch of tropical hibiscus. These sun-loving plants feature bold, plate-shaped flowers in a dazzling array of colors. You’ll most commonly find these flowering plants blooming in shades of red, pink, yellow, and orange, but there are also purple, lavender-blue, white, and bicolor varieties available. Some also have variegated foliage that adds appeal. Tropical hibiscus are summer-blooming plants that grow well in containers or in the landscape. Potted hibiscus are bold flowering plants that add dramatic décor to decks, patios, and other spaces. Use them as focal points to accent your outdoor rooms, or group a number of these sun-loving plants together to form a hedge or privacy wall.

Available Container Sizes: 3G

Care Information



Full Sun


Soil must be kept moist


Yellow, Orange


Above 50 Degrees


Once every 6 months


Patios, porches